How do I choose the right waterbed?

How do I choose the right waterbed?

When choosing a waterbed that suits you and your need, then here are some points that will guide you in your choice.

Soft Side or Hard Side?

Today’s waterbeds are predominantly soft side waterbeds.

Softside means that the water mattress is surrounded by a foam frame that holds the watermattress in place and it alsoserves as a comfortable seating edge. This means that getting in and out of bed is easy and effortless – just like in a conventional bed. The foam frame frame around the water mattress provides furthermore a good thermal insulation ofthe water mattress.

Softside waterbed

Our complete bed selection consists almost entirely of softside waterbeds.

A hardside waterbed consists of a heavy bed frame in which the water mattress is placed.

Hardside waterbed

Getting in and out of a hardside waterbed is slightly more difficult than in a softside waterbedA hardside waterbed does not give the same good thermal insulation of the water mattress as a softside vandseng.

Our complete bed selection consists almost entirely of softside waterbeds.

Uno or Dual?
When you select a waterbed, you must decide whether you need a waterbed with one big mattress or a waterbed withtwo half mattresses.
By us is a water bed with one big mattress an UNO and a waterbed with 2 half mattresses is a DUAL.

In an Uno system there is one large water mattress in the bed and one heater.

A Uno system can advantageously be selected, when the bed is used by 1 person or when the bed is used by 2 people and both can agree upon the mattress hardness and mattress temperature.

A Dual system can advantageously be selected when the bed is used by 2 persons, who want a different hardness of the mattress and / or want different mattress temperature. Furthermore a DUAL system is recommended, if the weightdifference between the two persons is big.

   In a dual system, there are 2 water mattresses in the bed, 2 heaters and an insulating soft partition (divider) between the 2 water mattresses.

Matress Stabilisation?
The stabilisation of the water mattress is determined by the number of stabilizing fiber layers in the mattress.

The more fiber layers there are in the water mattress, the more damped (stabalised) the mattress is.
Whether you choose a low stabilised water mattress or high stabalised water mattress, you will always have full body support from the mattress.

Matress stabilisation is a matter of personal temper. Some people love that the mattress is completely “dead”, while others like, that it takes 1-2 seconds before the mattress is completely calm.
If have not slept in a waterbed before, we then recommend a full stabalised water mattress.

Bed Size?
Larger waterbeds are more comfortable, so choose the largest waterbed that fits into your bedroom.

In a soft sidewaterbed the water mattress is placed inside a foam frame, that holds water mattress in place and also serves as a comfortable seating edge. The foam frame is 5 cm wide at the top, which means that the effective mattress size is 10 cm less than the bed size.

For example, if you choose a water beds of 180 x 200 cm, the water mattress size is therefore 170 x 190 cm.

Remember to take this into account when choosing your bed size.

You are always welcome to contact us, should you have any questions.